Are your files secure with

Let’s start out by mentioning that the days to physically store your data on your hard drive, cd’s, usb drives are coming to an end. With the recent outburst of technology. is the becoming the top most preferred way to store your files over the internet. But the question still stays are your files safe on the internet.

Let’s work on two things, First we need to see if the cloud host secures your data access via a password. Always remember password can’t be the only way to protect anything over the internet anymore via brute force attempts or just few random guesses a unsecure password can be cracked, to protect your data online with a password you should always use a random generated password with various characters and alphanumeric context. The more the length the more time it would take a computer to crack it.

But that still isn’t a fixed solution to secure your password. Some security checks are also supposed to be continued from the host as well. These checks include having a secure data transit portal with an SSL certificate installed to make sure the data being transferred is encrypted and can’t be hijacked that easily. Hackers tend to target directly the big dog instead of the small puppies aka even if they attack they won’t probably target a user they would aim for the cloud store provider directly to gain as much amount of information in a single attempt only.

It is always a good practice to do a background check of the company on which you trust by giving the responsibility to handle your data in a secure is that company! Any and every cloud hosting provider is not immune to Government pressures, if the government demands them to open their books of records the cloud hosting providers do have to comply with the request and give the reports to the officers.

So according to us, Your data is with definitely safe as long as you know the proper methods to secure your own accounts and you also know the limitations of the provider till an extent where they can’t support you. If you want backup all your files see uploaded premium account plans, you will find some for you
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